Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wedding Albums Vendor Review: Albumesque

I'm the kind of person that likes to take as little steps possible to get somewhere or to reach my goal.

When I cook, I like to cook things all at once and avoiding having to do things seperately, waiting for one thing to finish to start the next. I may look like a mad woman in the kitchen, but it eliminates alot of steps.

When I take a shower, I'll apply the conditioner on my hair while I soap up. That way, the conditioner will stay a little longer making my hair silky smooth while I finish the rest. Once I'm done, I just wash everything away all together.

After I shoot a wedding, I love editing the photos but I don't want to deal when it comes to designing the album. Here is my thinking: I'm a photographer, not a designer, so I leave that to the pros :) It's an extra step that I've decided to outsource, and I am 110% convinced that my clients will benefit from that as much as I do. It free's my time to dedicate it more to my clients and other aspects of my life.

Recently, I've had the pleasure to work with an AMAZING album design company, Albumesque. Amy and her staff are incredible and words cannot describe how I feel about them right now. I'm grateful for their hard work and there is a reason why alot of the top wedding photographers in the industry use them for their album designs. Please, if there is a photographer out there reading this and questioning whether they should outsource their designs or are looking for a designer, get in touch with Amy right now! I will be using them for all my wedding albums.

CLICK HERE to view the album design for Alana and Chance wedding I shot in September. It is for a 10x10 10spreads/20sides flush mount album. To view samples of the albums I offer, please click here.