Friday, November 20, 2009

New Sight, and Site

Ok, I will admit it that I was a little hesitant creating a website with Showit. It completely intimidated me. I felt like it was waaayyyy too complicated and smart for me. I mean, this program lets you built your own custom website from scratch!! I haven't the slightest idea about building websites. But I did however, know what I wanted. I wanted BIG PHOTOS all over my sight, not just teeny ones that only fill up half the screen. The more I started looking into showit, the more I realized that this website builder allowed me to do this. So I downloaded the program from their website, and started playing around with it. I totally admit it that I felt stupid. I didn't get it at first. I couldn't figure out where the little buttons were to add or delete stuff. I tore my head up figuring out all the little gadgets, but once you DO figure them out, it is an easy journey from there and you get create a stunning new website in a matter of hours. Trust me, if I can do it, ANYONE can!

So I'd like to present you my NEW WEDDING WEBSITE <----- click on that link

Here is a screen preview of the Home Page. You'll noticed that I have my networking links on the very front page. Feel free to click on any of them and add me as a friend!


~~JAZ~~ said...

Hey girl! I love the new site and layout! You did a fantastic job with it. I too have a Showit site but I don't know how or where to begin. Once I am done with this semester of school I will be able to devote my time to it and make it my own personal space.

Jackie Beale said...

thank you so much! Trust me, I'm stil figuring out bits and pieces of it. If you need help getting started, let me know and I'll see what I can do :)

~~JAZ~~ said...

Thanks chiquita!! I do have a question, regarding your blog, How are you able to post the pics so big? I love it. In order for me to post the pics big is that I have to upload to flkr first then code it on the blog but then most of my blog visiters can't see the whole pics, it gets cut off:-( Any suggestions?

Jackie Beale said...

oh I can definilty help you with that! :) First you will need a one column template. If you are using a two column template, the images will get cut off. I found some really nice templates by searching the web for "One Column blogger templates". Also, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of my blog, you will see a link where I downloaded by template from.

As far as resizing the photos, you will have to edit the html code for each photo. Click on the Edit Html tab on a new blog post. When you upload a picture, you will need to edit the Width and Height of the image to make it the size you want. Where it says /s1600/, make sure it always says that number. Blogger will automatically have s400, but with bigger photos, you will have to change it to s1600, or else the quality of the photo will look crappy. Let me know how it works out!

~~JAZ~~ said...

I will definitely give it a shot!! Thanks Jackie!