Thursday, April 22, 2010

{Rosa & David} Kraft Azalea engagement pictures

Kraft Azalea park is one of my FAVORITE locations ever to shoot at. It always has gorgeous light and there is a beautiful lake that's located in front of the pillar colomns where it creates beautiful reflected light. Who needs a reflector or flash when you can use your natural surroundings? :) I think that is the best part of the park.

Rosa and David were up for anything which made my job so much easier and I had such a great capturing their love and laughter. If this shoot was any indication of what their wedding will be like, then I know we will have alot of fun taking their portraits! We scheduled the shoot on a sunday evening and luckily for us, the park was quiet with only a few people roaming around. I have so many favorites and it was really difficult for me to narrow them down, but as I was looking through the photos, here are the following that caught my eye:

After we wrapped things up at Kraft Azalea, I told Rosa and David that as I was driving to the park, I saw this awesome pink tree and that I think it would be fun to take some quick shots with it. I'm so glad we did because some of those photos ended up being my favorites. I'll only post one because I love everything about this picture!


~~JAZ~~ said...

Jackie these are goregous!! Amazing work as always!

Padme said...

I loved this couple: simple, laid back, and happy looking!!!! Rosa is so beautiful! I noticed she barely has makeup on - naturally pretty. She's gonna make a gorgeous bride!!!!