Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flava Dance Studios

*Edited to add: Four of the dance instructors at Flava Dance Studios :)

Arial, Marissa, Madison, Arianna

Sometimes when I think back to my child hood, I secretly wish my parents would have enrolled my big sister and I to more activities, like summer camps, swimming, ballet, art and craft classes. It was a little tough for us though because of my moms sickness and my dad working hard paying the bills and making sure we had food on the table. I don't think they had the money or time to enroll us and participate in some of these classes with us. But my childhood is also filled with many good memories. It's filled with many friends tucking us under their wing and caring for us while my mom was hospitalized. Some of my best memories are with these friends and even though we had to move and lost touched with a few of them, I still hold them close to my heart and I hope that one day, I'll be able to reconnect with them and catch up on life.

And speaking of dancing, I applaud all those parents who take the time to sign up their kids to these activities and participate with them. I think in the long run, these kids will really appreciate this and it's such a wonderful time in their lives. My friend Marissa and owner of Flava Dance Studio in Kissimmee is an excellent instructor and offers many dance classes such as Jazz, hiphop, salsa, ballet, and much more! She has incredible talent and I am blown away by her creativity and the way she manages her business. It has really taken off these past two years and I am so happy for her!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing her wonderful students for her upcoming dance show. If you'd like more information about her dance classes, please be sure to check out her website by clicking HERE.