Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mini Photo Sessions

Last saturday, I received a very pleasant call from a friend who was in town wanting to surprise her parents with a photo session. Her parents will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in a few weeks and had a really cool idea to personalize the table settings: They wanted to display a couple of framed mini photos on each table for guests to enjoy. I thought this was a wonderful idea and couldn't be more happier to snap a few photos on a gorgeous day! I had asked them when was the last time they had professional photos taken, and they told me it had been a while ago. They were very brave to face the cold as it was one of our chillier weeks here in FL, but I think they did a fabulous job in front of the camera!

Mini Sessions are a great opportunity to have professional photos and not have to break the bank. I'm currently offering these sessions at $75 and it includes:

-20 minutes of shooting time at a nearby location
-Ten fully edited high resolution photos on a disk with print rights

They can be taken at the beach, at a park, or even at your own home. Please feel free to shoot me an email if you are interested in booking a mini session!


~~JAZ~~ said...

Awwwe!! What a charming couple. You captured their love!!