Friday, January 8, 2010

Vendor Review: RoseSource

One of the most important elements on your wedding day are the decorations. I think it's the most time we spend on during the planning process. Every bride wants their wedding to be unique and want incorporate their personality throughout the day, whether it's reflected through their dress, to the flowers, venue and table decorations.

In my case, I knew that I wanted really pretty flowers, but I did not want to spend a fortune on them. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on something that would go in the trash in a few days, so I looked to the internet for some ideas. I looked through a bunch of pretty bouquets and table settings and finally picked the colors that would make up my wedding. I knew I wanted chocolate brown as the main color, but I needed two more accent colors. I like more earthy tone colors like greens, browns, reds...well more like fall colors I suppose, but I completely surprised myself by picking Red and Pink. I wanted a victorian, vintage look to it and these were the colors that came to mind.

Only one thing though: I had completely forgotten that I was getting married on mothers day, May 11th, and that apprently, those are the popular colors on that day and the prices on flowers tripled because of the holiday! I was really worried at this point because I couldn't go back. I had to stick with these colors since my planning was well advanced and I had purchased a few things that evolved around these colors. I decided that the only way I would be able to buy these flowers and not spend thousands, is to buy from a wholesaler.

I met with one in Orlando, but they said that since my wedding was on mothers day, and considering that the flowers would be coming in from Ecaudor, and that they would be delivering the flowers personally, and the type of flowers I wanted, the cost would end up being $5,000. Um what!? I was in complete shock. That took a big chunk out of my wedding budget, so I had to cut corners and decided this would be it. After this meeting, I was in the mentality that I would probably have to buy fake flowers from Michaels. They are very nice actualy and look very real, but a Calla Lilly stem from michaels ended up being about the same price as a real one and I really wanted to cut costs, so I quickly dropped that idea.

Thankfully, a friend of mine (hi sarah jo!) was getting married a month before me and I turned to her for some advice. I asked her where she was getting her flowers, and she said "from Ecuador!". I was like how? Don't you need a middle man? She said nope, and proceeded to give me the information to a wholesaler online. I looked through their website and realized they were the one. I just got a great feeling about them, and yes, I did get a little scared at first because how in the world are they going to ship a bunch of flowers, in tact? Well one of their US reps explained the whole thing to me and answerd all my questions in such a professional manner, and they were so knowledgable about the different kinds of flowewrs, I knew they were legit.

Here is what my flowers consisted of:

75 Black Magics (50cm) they were nice and big!
25 Carrousels, same size. (two tone pink rose)
The roses come in bunches of 100, so I wanted to mix and match the reds with the pinks, making sure I didn't order more than I needed.

100 Charming Unique (pink roses, 50cm)

60 Pink Asiatic Lilies

1 spray of Pink Cymbidium orchids

3 bunches of Pink Aranda orchids

They arrived three days before my wedding, which was perfect because they had enough time to open beautifuly! My grand total with FedEx overnight shipping: $607.96....and keep in mind that I could have probably saved alot more if I had picked another wedding date!

My bouquet consisted of Black Magic roses:

My bouquet and my mom's mini bouquet, which consisted of Carrousels (two tone pink rose)

Pink Cymbidium orchid for the girls hair (my favorite!)

Charming unique roses for the girls bouquets. They matched the sashes pretty well

Black magic rose head with pink aranda orchids (they were a deep pink, almost purple)

The pink asiatic lillies were use with the tall trumphet vases, along with curly willow branches and a few aranda orchids.

It really helps to know someone who knows about flowers. My friend Ruthy, who was a florist for 10+ years, was there to help me with putting all the flowers together. She did a spectacular job!!

Definitly check out RoseSource, online flower wholesalers for your wedding!


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WELCOME :) I loved them too!! I recommend them to who ever I can... Glad you liked them too :)