Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TRA photoshop actions - Before & After

I've decided to do another installment of Before and After photos using my favorite photoshop actions from the TRA sets. I simply adore these actions and use them on all my photos during post processing. So check it out, here is just one example of an engagement session I shot a couple of months ago. Mari & David are our friends so I decided to use them as an example just one more time :) To see their engagement pictures, click HERE

Before & After

What I used from the TRA sets:
Big blue on sky
Green with envy on ocean and sand
Greetings from paradise
select -o-pop on couple
Punch out 25%
Burn out 74%
I also added some sky to the picture. You can see there is some blue on the original picture that is straight out of the camera, but I wanted to define it just a bit more. When I learned how to create and enhance skies, I've been having so much fun with it!! On a next blog post, I will post this process step by step.

And there you have it! You can see that will a little tweaking here and there and lightly using some of these actions, you can achieve beautiful results.

Happy Tuesday!


Lizette said...

You're so doing my engagement pictures and maybe wedding pics if you're not my maid of honor! LOL