Monday, March 23, 2009

Mariangeles and David

*All photos are property of Jackie Beale Photography

She's argentinian, he's colombian and they make the cutest couple ever! David has quite a sense of humor that I did not know. It was so much fun to be able to see that side of him come out and the way they interacted with each other during our session. Mari loves the camera and is not afraid to take pictures. David was a little hessitant at first but totally let loose as the session progressed. We headed out to their location of choice in Ponce Inlet by the lighthouse, well, because that's where David proposed to Mari! They could not have picked a better place to have their engagement pictures. It makes me so happy when a couple picks a location that has some meaning to them. It makes the session that much better and it really puts them at ease :)

They are getting married next month and I am happy to say that Lamar and I will be attending as guests. I, of course, will have my camera handy and will be taking a few pictures. Their wedding is going to be so beautiful I just can't wait! :)

After a quick change of outfit, we headed to the beach. There were so many cool places along our way that I kept stopping them for a picture :)

We finally made it to the beach

and the beautiful Ponce Inlet lighthouse. I have never seen how it looks like at sunset but I'm so glad we chose this day because the light could not have gotten any better. It was a beautiful end to their session.


Caroline said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, Jackie! These are great shots; I bet the couple is really happy with them.