Thursday, July 16, 2009

Posing & Inspirations

Some people look at books, art, and magazines to get the creative juices flowing and this is all very fabulous but you don't always have the time to drive to the book store and the money to pay for magazine subscriptions. When I want to fuel my brain with creativity, I often turn to the internet for inspiration. The internet has tons and tons of inspirational ideas.

One thing that I often find myself looking at is wedding gown websites. Often times, this is where I get alot of ideas on how to pose a bride. I pay close attention in which direction her head is turned or where her hands are placed and her posture. I also imagine a groom in the picture and think of ways his poses would compliment hers.

One of my favorite websites is Eve of Milady. Besides the obvious fact that their gowns are breathtaking, I love how their models are always posed. Always.

In this one, I can imagine the groom behind the chair kneeled down looking at her and having her looking at him while her right hand gently touching his face. Just an example to show you what goes on in my head as I look at these posing ideas. Please don't think I'm weired!! :)

In case no one knew, I love fashion photography. Not the weired kind. I love making girls feel beautiful and sexy and confident, all while having fun! Photography for High School Senior girls is something that I've been thinking about alot. I'd like to cater to them as well in the near future. Here are a few ideas for posing senior girls that I picked up on the internet. The poses you do on an actual shoot don't have to be exactly this way, these are just ideas to give you some tweak a bit to your liking and to develope your own style.

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Photo Credit:

I look to photography blogs and websites for alot of inspiration as well. One of my favorite photographers in the wedding industry is Jasmine Star. I love her work because it is so natural and sharp! I could look through her pictures all day.

Her Website:

One more photographer who I really admire for her style and business is Jessica Claire. Her work has this look to it that if you were to spot it somewhere else, you'd definilty know it was hers. She has really defined her style and stuck with it, and I think that is something alot of people struggle with, which isn't such a bad thing because there are so many great things out there that it's hard to just pick one of something! ;)


Rebekah Elena said...

Excellent post!!! Thank you! <3

Rebekah Elena said...

No, no! Thank you!! <3 I love your blog! I've been looking for blog buddies lately and I have got to add you to my list! :)

cassandra m said...

most awesome post girl...I am working on sharing some inspirations too...just gotta find time to blog. BUT I loved reading yours....yea yea.

Jackie Beale said...

heehee thank you Rebekah, glad to have found a blog buddy as well! :D

I can't wait to read yours Cassandra!!