Monday, April 20, 2009

Canvas print contest

I absolutely LOVE photos on canvases! I prefer them over framed, although frames are very pretty as well. But I just think that prints, or artwork, on a canvas just look so fresh and modern and can really enhance your home decor...and I'm all about that!

A while ago, I came across a very cool and informative photography blog. She constantly has these really cool contests for us to win some cool stuff. She also has created amazing actions for photoshop users that really just take your images to the next level! Right now, I use Totally Rad Actions for all my images and they have really changed my photography! I don't know how I lived without them. In the very very near future though, I also plan on buying me some MCP photoshop actions that I know will also help me with my post processing.

Here is the contest that MCP actions blog is hosting:

I am entering this photo in the MCP Actions/Color Inc. Win a Gallery Wrap Canvas Photo Contest at I certify that I took this photo and give both parties permission to use this photograph on their blogs/sites.

This is the image that I entered for the contest. It's from a recent baby shoot I did for friends of mine. They are in love with this picture and I really want them to have a nice canvas of their baby so that's why I decided to submit this one. I really hope I make the top 10 for voting. I'll keep my blog updated to see how it goes :)


surfer_atomico said...

Very...very Impressed with all your work!

Jackie Beale said...

heeeyyyyyy!!! good to hear from you victor!! thanks so much dude for the blog love :)