Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Marketing Tips

This post is not about ME giving out marketing tips. I am far from being a marketing expert but I do admire the masterminds that can whip up extraordinary advice from experience and that know how to structure pricing for their photography business. I find that fascinating. I've spent quite some time reading up on things like this and printing out any information that catches my attention.

One article that I've recently read includes 6 helpful tips on how to market your business. It's funny that one thing I noticed when I read the article was that not once did they mention about advertising in magazines or buying emails from vendors. This type of advertisment could be good but the odds of booking alot of valid leads this way is not very high. One lead can reach hundreds of photographers and the percentage that that lead will book you is pretty low, as so I've heard. So how can one really stand out from amongst hundreds of local photographers?

One thing I learned, and it's my favorite tip from the article, is creating your very own promotional video. To be really honest, I do find this a little intimidating, only because I get scared thinking about not knowing what to say or how to express myself. But I think the best way to really make people drawn to you is to just be yourself and creatively express your style of photography and what you want your clients to know about you. This is something I really, truely, want to work on in the future and I get super excited just thinking about the endless possiblilities :)

Another tip mentioned was creating a blog and updating as often as you can. Hmmmm I could say that I'm all good there :) But there's always room for improvement.

Twitter. I do have a twitter account but I don't update as much. To be honest, I really don't see the point in doing this often. I have a facebook account that I started a long time ago and it has built up from there. I'm working on making it business like as well. You also have the option of updating your status there, so it is somewhat like twitter I suppose. What I do like about twitter though is that when you update there, it updates your blog feed and your facebook :)

Be sure to read the article by clicking HERE. I felt inspired after reading it and I'm sure it has and will help many others as well.