Wednesday, March 25, 2009

NoDoubt w/Paramore

I am sure everyone has heard the latest buzz by now but I am VERY excited to announce that I will finally be going to a NODOUBT concert!!! For the longest time in my life, I have been wanting to go see them in concert, but never had the opportunity to do so for a few small reasons. It broke my heart when they announced that they were no longer a group. I could not understand how such a successful band would break up for good. Well it looks like they are coming back full force! We have purchased tickets for their June 2nd concert in Tampa and will be going with a good group of friends. I have been to a few concerts before but this will be Lamar's first one. Seeing how Lamar loves music so much, I was really surprised when I found out he never went to one. One of the many blessings of marriage, you get to do things together whether it's a first for the both of you or for your other half :) It makes it that much more fun!


Velia said...

How exciting. I hope you have a blast. I like them to, I would love to go but Frank will most likely be deployed then so I'll just sit here and enjoy your shots. :)

Liz Padme said...

Wooo whoooo! I cant wait to go!