Friday, April 9, 2010

A good wedding timeline

All photographers, videographers and wedding coordinators know without a doubt that it is imperative to have a detailed and well thought out wedding timeline. Every couple is different and has different priorities on their wedding day. Some couples believe that photos are the most important part because it is the only thing they will look back to again again and bring back those beautiful memories from their wedding, and others just want to relax and enjoy themselves mingling with their guests after the ceremony. There is nothing wrong with any of these examples, but I think that being a photographer, and a former bride, I'm a little biased to the first of course :)

From the weddings I've shot and been to, I've noticed that we always seem, somewhat, rushed. In my opinion, couples pay good money for their photos and wedding album that will be passed down to family and serves as an heirloom. Why would you want to cut time out from photos of you two alone on your most important day? Don't you want those special moments between the two of you captured, in a relaxed setting? It will only happen once.

While I may try to educate a bride and groom of the importance of allowing enough time for their portraits, this is ultimately, their decision and I will be happy to oblidge with whatever decision they decide on.

A good thing to keep in mind when creating a time line is that things may run late. The limo guy got lost, drives too slow, the bride is late at arriving at the ceremony, etc. So to ensure that things run on time, it is a good idea to allow some extra time on your time line. Most couples decide to have the professional photos taken right after the ceremony. I promise you that it will take at least an hour, if not more, for family formals, wedding party, and bride and groom photos all together. Also take to consideration the travel time in between to get from the ceremony to the reception and any other location you'd like your photos taken at as well as trying to get everyone there all together.

To ensure that you have even more photos of the two of you alone, and have a good variety, A "First Look" is something to consider. It was something I decided to do on my wedding day and I don't regret it one bit! If you're wondering what a first look is and how it can be done without loosing the initial moment of surprise, I will explain this at a later post, or shoot me an email if you'd like to know more

As always, I'm happy to help my couples in anyway I can, and if I have to play the role of a wedding coordinator and help them with their timeline, then I happily will because it will ensure it is done correctly and I only want the very best on their wedding day!


~~JAZ~~ said...

Thank you for this Jackie!! This is great info, especially since I am on both sides of the coin right now. I am getting married next April and we are having a brunch reception so I am really considering a "first look" shoot prior to the ceremony!!

Jackie Beale said...

oooh that's awesome Judy! If you're having an early wedding, you could possibly have more portraits taken after the reception?? But it really all depends how tired you are or how fast you guys want to leave ;)