Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My newest addition...

to my never ending collection of accessories! I love this headband with all my heart. I bought it from a very talented seller at You can find all things vintage and handmade there. It is the greatest site for custom items and unique things that ever existed!

I am a huge, HUGE fan of peacocks. It is such an exotic bird and I love all the brilliant and bold colors. I especially love the patterns on it's feathers. I would never buy the real feathers for beauty's sake because I love animals too much and I think it's wrong to kill an animal for clothing or accessories. But now a days, they make imitation quite good.

I was actually thinking of having a custom logo made that incorporates peacock elements. How cool would that be! and it would fit my personality perfectly :) I have a lot of ideas for that and creating a brand out of a peacocks color palette. It may sound really weird reading this but I've got all these ideas floating in my head that make perfect sense to me, so please bear with that.

Here is my newest addition:

Photo directly from Etsy seller:

and the headband being used on a model of Fossil Magazine. I think it's a better picture because you can really see how big it is :)