Friday, February 12, 2010


Love is about the little things in one's relationship.

It's not all about the kissing, the make outs, the sex. (ok so a little about the sex ;)

It's the little things that make it whole. The inside jokes, the looks between the both of you that only you two can understand, the late night conversations, the quirkiness in each other and sillyness, sharing philosofical conversations about life and about absolutely randomness that have no importance what so ever lol, little love notes to each other that are collected and treasured in shoe boxes.

Every now and then, there are songs that just get to me and make me smile, and even make me cry a little, because it makes me feel so happy and in love even more with my husband.

I discovered Joshua Radin and Skyler Fisk (up and coming artist) 4 years ago. I love their style of music. It's down to earth, soothing, and romantic. I love this song with all my heart because it perfectly describes love, and it always makes me cry a little, because I think we all deserve this type of love in our lives, and it makes me feel so thankful.

I love her so much!!! Be sure to check out her link that I included. It is to her myspace page. The best of her songs are there. One of my other favorites is called: The Good Stuff :)