Saturday, January 23, 2010

St. Augustine engagement Photographer: Colleen & Oscar

A few days ago, I had the absolute delight of shooting my friend Colleen's engagement session with Oscar. They really do make such a wonderful couple and it was so sweet seeing how he caters to her needs and vice versa. It was fun photographing their laughs, smiles, and interactions with each other. I couldn't be anymore happier for them! We decided to head to St. Augustine, the city of Love, because that is where they will be getting married. I was beyond thrilled because I love shooting around the Fort and cobblestone roads. There is so much to St. Augustine and I could have shot there all day. It has so much character!

Here are a few of my favorites:

A little salsa dancing :)

The light was just soooooo beautiful!

I love playing with textures and will throw one amongst the mix for a little change

We did a few night shots around downtown St. Augustine. Once it got way too dark, we wrapped things up and decided to grab some pizza. Perfect end to night :)


Velia said...

I love St Augustine as well. I'm not that far from there. I didn't know you were that closed. There is also a road by the youth fountain that is beautiful. I really like the silhouette one a lot.

Jackie Beale said...

thanks velia! Next time I am there, i will def. check out the fountain :)

Caroline said...

These are beautiful, Jackie. I love the silhoette, and the shot from the second post of her hand on his arm.