Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Info Cards

One of the things I look forward to after shooting an event is when I'm home uploading all the images and looking through them. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and it reminds me why I really love to do what I do. I love to create art. I don't get to see my images too often on print and often times wonder how they physically look like when they are printed on beautiful lustreous professional photographic paper (that was a mouth full)

Well I'm very excited to say that my info cards have arrived for Alana and Chance up coming wedding! What are info cards you might ask? Info cards is what I use at receptions to let my client's guests know where to go online to view the wedding images. These info cards have my website, the online viewing website, which I use collages.net, and the info they need to sign in. I think this is fabulous because it really free's the couple from having to let all their guests know where to look for their images. They might not even be able to tell all of them because of not having enough contact information from each guest. Besides, that's probably the last thing on the newly weds mind after their honeymoon. They will be busy settling down so to make things easier, I love to provide these info cards to their guests during the reception. I print one for every guest as well as a few extras for the vendors.

I was so excited to use two pictures from Alana and Chance engagement session. It just makes it so much more personal and all their guests will have a little something of the Bride and Groom to take home :) One the front side, I had my favorite picture from their session and included my website and on the back, I put another picture as well as all the info needed to login to the online gallery. Here are what the info cards look like:

Happy (late) Tuesday! :)


~~JAZ~~ said...

Wonderful idea. They look great girl!!