Monday, August 17, 2009

Action shots

I love action shots. They are my favorite! I love seeing the perspective of the photographer and what story he or she see's through their viewfinder. I know I don't post that many pictures of myself, mainly because I'm always behind the camera. But my photographer friend, Caroline Nicole was so awesome enough to email me a few of me shooting!

Here is one of me shooting one of my favorite subjects, details! :)

This was taken with my friend's point and shoot camera. It was during a wedding I was shooting in February

Here is Caroline using that amazing macro lens

Here is Jennifer in action! This was at a wedding I was second shooting with her in March.

In other photography news, I have a new website in the works. I like my current one, but I decided I want to display bigger pictures, that fill up the whole screen, not just part of it, so I can't wait to share that veery soon! :)


~~JAZ~~ said...

Hi Jackie! I am looking forward to your new site!!