Sunday, April 5, 2009

In the works: Sneak preview

This will be short and sweet as I am about to pass out from exhaustion. I am sooo excited to announce that I am currently working on building my new website! I can't wait until it's all ready but here is a snap shot to show you what's in store:

Happy Sunday :)


Velia said...

Congrats Jackie, look forward to your new site. I've been thinking for a while that sometime this year I want to look into bulding my site, but right now I want to concentrate on my portfolio before jumping on it :) I see a baby so that sounds exciting. I love children photography.

Jackie Beale said...

hey thanks Velia :) Let me know if you need any references as to which webhost to use when you start building your website. I think you have an awesome portfolio on children.

cassandra m said...

Ooooohhhh girl I am so excited to see. Looks awesome so far. Yea. Yea.