Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go out and shoot!

I love feeling inspired. If we want to be in a creative industry, we have to constantly find new ways to improve and think outside the box. I find inspiration in lots of places. Most of the time, when my husband and I are driving, I look outside the window and observe my surroundings. I look around to see if I can find any new places that I want to do a shoot in. I imagine how my photos will look like and I envision how I want them to look like. That is my favorite part. I make a mental note to go back their in the future. I love open fields and urban, grungy places.

Looking at other photographers beautiful work is definilty another form in finding inspiration. I have done endless reading and played around alot with my camera settings and make mental notes of what they can do for my pictures in different lighting situations. I've practiced alot indoors in my own home, on my husband, my dog, on myself, on shoes, on flowers, on many friends. I take my camera everywhere I can and take pictures whenever I possibly can. I love it. Then I shot my first engagement session, then my first wedding, and then my second wedding, and a few as a second shooter. The more I shot, the better I got. The better I got to know my camera, my flash and my lens...and I love it...and I don't ever want to stop. Lately, I've been doing a few shoots here and there which I absolutely enjoyed doing, but I want to do more. New things. I want to start shooting at those locations that I made mental notes on. I keep putting that off because I just get too busy with other things. I want to make my visions a reality and they are just dying to explode out of me and into my camera.

I've heard this many times and I couldn't agree more: To improve as a photographer, you must GO OUT and SHOOT! This article talks about the importance of that and how you should not be afraid to just get out there, even if you think people might look at you weired. It also talks about how some people think that if you have the top notch gear to start off with, then you will miracously become a good photographer right away. I found this quote a while ago that has always been in the back of my mind and that I firmly believe in it:

'A typewriter never wrote a great novel any more than a camera took a great picture.' - Someone smart

Here is the article from DPS :

For the earlier part of my venture into the photography hobby, I spent most of my time developing myself indoors. Reading articles, magazines, forums, RRS feeds and blogs. That’s not BAD and I strongly suggest continuing to read and grow in your knowledge of the craft, but the only TRUE way to improve is to put everything we learn and read into PRACTICE. Go out and shoot!

Disregard all fear of what people will think of you as you snap away on the street or at your favorite venue or park. “Oh what a tourist!”, “That camera’s not even that great”, “That looks like a cheap kit lens”, etc. Don’t let others or the price/quality of your gear set limitations on you! We all have to start somewhere.

I’ve read it numerous times here on the DPS forums and elsewhere. It’s not the quality or price of the camera, but the photographer BEHIND the camera that makes or breaks an image. The only way we can improve our photography is to practice and shoot a lot, not by breaking the bank and buying the latest and greatest.

I’m an introvert by nature, so going out and shooting random people, street life, and the like is NOT my forte. I get pretty intimidated when people start staring at me while I take pictures, and self-conscious. On a recent drive, I decided that I need to just break out of my comfort zone. I need to GO OUT and SHOOT. I stopped my car and had the experience of my lifetime. I ended up chatting it up with a few homeless men and bought them a meal in exchange for some pictures and conversation.

All of the research I did online definitely helped in me choosing to put my 50 f/1.8 on and shooting at the correct aperture without chimping, but only by putting it all into practice can I see what all that research and reading was about.


Padme said...

Same thing applies to dancing/salsa...to get good you must go out and DANCE!!! ;)

Jackie Beale said...

thanks for reminding me that I need to practice more on my salsa moves Liz ;o)