Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Photoshop take-over

"ugh! Please don't take my picture!"
Don't worry, I can photoshop your blemishes
"Why did my hair have to get in the way"
Don't worry, I can easily remove it with photoshop!
"I didn't want to be in the picture!"
Don't worry, I can photshop you out

Yes I have do admit it, but I'm quickly getting addicted to photoshop and it's taking over!. Don't get me wrong though, the best thing that can happen is to get a fabulous shot straight out of the camera and only do minor editing. But there's always those pictures that require a little more editing than usual because of mother nature or because some random pedestrian got in the way.

Here are some images that I enjoyed editing a bit. I just want to bring out some of the things photoshop can do :)