Friday, November 7, 2008

Customize Customize

I love it when I am able to make things to my tastes and needs, and not having to pay an arm and a leg for it ;)

For example, when you are trying to pick a pair of shoes to match a dress. Don't you just wish that sometimes you can take the heels from that shoe, the color from these shoes, and the bling from those shoes, put it all together and make that perfect pair for your dress? Well that's what I mean with customizing. Now adays, if you want something like that done, people usually want to charge you extra just because you are changing their style. That sounds a bit silly to me because the truth is that it all costs the same thing. I actually see it as giving the other person the opportunity to show some creativity :)

I see it the same way when it comes down to designing your website, blog, photography packages and even designing album templates. I'm definilty no expert when it comes to album designing or the business side, but I do have a few ideas on how to start. With this blogger service, I like that it's free and that it has a lot of customization features. Like for example, I am able to make my own banner as my blog header with my logo name. I don't know if some of you have noticed, but I've been changing and playing around with it a little. The one you see now is my latest one that I created and I think I'll keep it for a while :) I have a few friends who are real graphic designers and computer geniuses, so when the time comes, I look them up for the favor of creating a really cool one for my website. That is still a very long work in progress, but I also believe this blogging service is really helpful.

Well that's all my rantings for today. Have a nice and safe weekend and I'll catch up with ya'll later!


innerspace said...

Hey, I love your page!!!:O) I feel flattered for choosing my pics for your banner. I was thinking of customizing my page too, one of these days.

Jackie Beale said...

thanks Irene! I did something a little different to it, once again :)