Friday, August 27, 2010

Vintage inspired photo shoot {Part II}

I love love the following images from our vintage photo shoot. I have never shot in an alley way that has so much character and funky colors. These are the type of photos where it's ok to place something beautiful against something very grungy and dirty, like garbage bins,...and make it look cool and interesting!! Sometimes, its ok to break out of the box and take pictures in a not so pretty place. It really is all about great great lighting that will make something ugly, into something really dramatic and different. I'm so happy mildred didn't mind shooting here. It really stunk pretty bad, but mildred trusted my ideas and went for it.

My sister and her boyfriend came along with me to help me carry all my stuff. So after an hour and a half of shooting and walking around, we needed a coffee break. Mildred also changed into her second outfit choice and I think it went really well with the second location we chose. By the time we started shooting again after our break, it was already 8pm, and pretty dark. But the beauty of shooting in a city is that you have a lot of reflected light from the tall buildings and alot of street lights. In these alley pictures, I used only the light that was available to me, and I love how they turned out! :)