Friday, July 30, 2010

Newest addition to my bag

I thought long and hard before purchasing this lens. I've heard and read all the raves about the 70-200mm f2.8L with IS, but to be honest, I just couldn't justify the price at this moment. I've tried that lens before and it is a really heavy lens but it takes amazing photos. I knew that I really wanted an L lens, but not so much to break the bank. And I knew I wanted something that I could use indoors as well and that had zoom. I searched and came across this lens. The 70-200 lens F/4 lens.

The different with the lens mentioned in the beginning is that the aperture only opens at f4 at it's widest and it has no IS. I thought to myself, well, I can deal the f/4 being it's widest aperture and if I needed to let in more light, I can bump up my iso and lower my shutter. BUT, since this lens has no IS, I knew I needed to be careful in how low I put my shutter speed. I know I can go as low as 1/80-1/60th of a second but anything under that, I need a tripod. I aint that good yet in keeping a steady hand, even if I hold my breath. Thankfully though, I also read that this lens is very light, WAAAYYY lighter than the 2.8 with IS. It's also smaller and a little narrower, so it's perfect in every way for me :)

I was able to try my new lens a couple of weeks ago during a shoot. It came in so handy because I wanted a specific shot, and I knew I wasn't gonna get it with my primes. I needed to be at a distance because I wanted a certain element in the foreground to show. I absolutely love this lens and I would highly recommend it if you are on a budget and want a good sharp L-series lens.

In other photography news, here's a great great article from DPS regarding engagement sessions! CLICK HERE to read a few tips from another professional.

 I LOVE engagement sessions because it gives me the ability to get to work with and get to know the couple before the wedding and put them at ease in front of my camera :) I also love that they get nice pictures during this special time that they will treasure forever.