Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Photobiz website hosting & pricing

One thing I love about Photobiz is that they give you the ability to completely change the look of your website at no extra cost! They have so many websites to choose from and once you pick the one that's right for you, you can then go ahead and customize it! Add as many galleries as you'd like, and play around with the colors and fonts. I've recently been thinking about the layout of my website and although I do still love super big, pretty images, I have noticed that it might be easier to the viewer to have them in a more normal, medium format. Some of them get cut off and I don't want the viewers to think that is how the original photo looks like.

So here it is, my new layout for my website. I love the gray, teal and khaki look to it. I think it looks a little cleaner in my opinion and you can access the Menu information fairly easier. Check it out!

I've also updated my wedding packages for 2010-2011. I offer reasonable prices for most brides budget and I love to be able to customize packages that really reflect what a bride needs. I know from my experience, I had a tough time choosing a photographer with the right packages (thankfully I found the perfect one!). It's good to have an idea of what you want. For me, I knew I wanted a wedding album, as this is the most important thing you'll ever have from your wedding. It's the one thing that can be passed to your future generations and a good quality album really stands the test of time. You can have it beautifully displayed in your home and whenever you have friends or guests over, be certain that they will want to look at it everytime! :)