Thursday, May 6, 2010

Anthropologie {April 2010 Catalog)

Holy cow!!

I cannot express in enough words how in love I am with the 2010 April Catalog from Anthropologie.
...and it's not because of the clothes.

...well maybe a little because of the clothes.

They have really pretty clothes. Not really in my budget though :(

The reason I am totally impressed with this catalog is because of how it is layed out!! Yes, the layout in this catalog is EXACTLY how I love to have my engagement albums designed, and even some of my wedding albums!
1. It's not cluttered at all.

2. Because of reason #1, the magazine focuses on big pretty images, which in turn, focuses on what they want to sell, clothes.

3. Clean design. Lots of negative space which makes the catalog very fashiony.

4. Layout. I love love their layouts for this magazine. With each turning page, the images are placed in a very creative manner while still keeping it clean and focusing on the images. Even though the design is simple, each page has a totally different layout, therefore, makes the whole catalog so much more interesting and attractive.

See for yourself!! Here are a few of my favorite layouts from the April 2010 catalog. I'm definitly inspired.