Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Personalized Handmade Cards

My husband works at a local bank and he is constantly making good connections with his customers. A lady came in one day, and as the conversation progressed, he found that she makes cards. Any type of cards, and prices them differently to the specifications of the buyer. My husband asked how much a card would cost with everything on it and she said about $6. He told her that he wanted to give me one as a little surprise, so she asked him what are my three favorite she can incorporate that to the card. He said: Teal, dusty rose, brown, and Paris.

So for 6 bucks, here is my handmade card, done to my liking:

Isn't it AMAZING!!!! I can't believe how creative this person is and I think her work is totally worth alot more than 6 bucks! At walmart, you get a plain hallmark card for that money and sometimes they aren't even this pretty. She designed the inside as well and you can tell her to put any kind of wording you'd like. I love how she incorporated all the other little things to it. I think this would definilty be a nice gift to a friend for any occassion. It will certainly give a nice and lasting impression, and it's something totally different.
I found her website, here it is: