Friday, November 27, 2009

So Fresh, So Clean - Engagement Albums

Ahhh I love the feeling after a long day of cleaning my home. It gives me a sense of great acomplishment and it literally makes my soul happy. Coming in to a clean home is the greatest feeling in the world. I love living in a clutter free environment. When life gets busy though, there are times that I kinda let everything go and slowly things start to pile up. I feel stressed and down, and that's when I realize that it's time to do a good cleaning and free up my mind.

Much like a good clean uncluttered home, I feel the same about Albums. It's all about bringing out the best in every photo and there's no way you can do that if you cram in a million photos into several pages. They will start looking more like thumbnails and the beauty of the entire album will be lost.

I'd like to share a sample engagement album I recently ordered. An engagement album is basicly used to display at the reception and can serve as a guest sign in book. No more traditional white books with lines and empty pages. An engagement book is full of life, color, personality and it serves as a personal keepsake that will be treasured for years to come. You can even personalize it to have wording of your choice!

This sample is a 10x10 hinged paper, 10 spreads, 20 sides album. This particular design holds 22 images including the cover photo. There is plenty of negative space for guests to sign and write notes to the couple.

You can include your own personalized words!

Hinged Paper allows the pages to lay flat for easy writing and panoramic view of the images!!

If you'd like more detailed information on how to get your own engagement album, please feel free to shoot me an email! I include an engagement album in my complete wedding package, but you may also purchase it A la Carte.

Happy Friday!