Friday, September 11, 2009

Luis: Part 2

Here is the final part of our session in downtown St. Augustine. As you can see, it was night time already, well past 8pm, and we had zero natural light. My flash had died too so we just decided to go for it and see what we get with just using the street lights that were available. As many of us know, street lights aren't the most flattering and can cast a harsh yellowish tone. To suck in as much light as I can, I cranked up my ISO to 1600 in some of the shots, and that to me felt weird because I never ever shoot with an ISO so high. I'm not fond of grain and noise. I also slowed my shutter speed WAAAAAAYYYY down at insanely low speeds. I literally had to exhale and hold my breath with every shot so I could avoid camera shake. I also had to pause for a few seconds right after hitting the shutter button to let it do it's thang, since it was really dragging :)

After walking around for a little while, we hit up an ice cream store. I think that by this point, Luis was a little tired, but I'm glad we were able to get a few shots. I'm off to shoot a wedding this weekend. I feel so bumped and can't wait to share those as well.

Happy weekend!

This one is my favorite!


cassandra m said...

hey girl...I like the feel to those shots in the street. bold of you to shoot with the high ISO and I think it paid off. I love the images. I've done that myself and I like the grainy look when you convert to b/w. nice pics here.

Jackie Beale said...

thanks so much Cass! :D