Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Engagement: Alana & Chance, Part 1

Whenever I'd drive down on 95, I'd always see these big billboards advertising Cocoa Beach. Just the name of it sounded so pleasing and I've always wanted to one day see what the fuss was all about. I'm not much of a beach person, but I do like a good beach, with soft sands and calming waters.

And I was not dissapointed.

Since I started photography, I've had the opportunity to find some really great locations for engagement sessions and get to know really cool venue's for the weddings. I've been by Cocoa and Melbourne area, but never really stopped to look at the beach, well, because it was not where I needed to head to, although I was curious.

So when I spoke to Chance and Alana, I was so thrilled to know that they wanted a sunset engagement session. And what better place to be for this than the beach? Well, we of course, did start at the beach and then drove about 5 minutes to the pier to get some shots there. But the most amazing thing was watching the sunset in a private dock surrounded by a beautiful lake! I will, of course, be sharing those in part 2 of their session along with the one's under the pier, but for now, here are a few of my favorites at the beach...

My favorite!!!!

It was still pretty bright so I turned their backs to the sun and took advantage of some sun flaire, love it!

Another favorite!!

I think both Alana and Chance look so fabulous in the next two!


Liz T said...

WOW! This is honestly the best beach session I've seen from you so far. These 2 definitely fit in well with the beach settings, they had the entire look together. They look like a chill fun-loving couple. Much happiness and a lifetime of sunsets to them!!!

Jackie Beale said...

Thanks liz! They totally rocked it out and I loved their outfits! It was perfect. They did such a great job :)

~~JAZ~~ said...

Jackie, these are beautiful!! I love the beach!

Jackie Beale said...

Thank you Jaz! I do too but I like going around the evening time, like we did :)