Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All things photography: Gear talk

This post was inspired by a friend who came to me and told me she was interested in learning a little bit about digital photography. Irene has a true passion for photography and learned more about it in the film days. She told me that one of her friends is encouraging her to get into photography. You can just sense when someone has photography 'in them' and a good eye for it, and Irene is definilty one of those people. She is very creative and I was so happy when she asked me for help. Seriously though, I think I am the last person on earth who could possibly help someone with this because I am still learning and feel so spankin new! I do know this though, whatever I learn, I love sharing it with other people who are interested in photography as well. It makes me feel so good and fuzzy inside to know that I am helping to built other people's dreams, even as little as I am able to contribute to that. I don't think I know everything there is to know about the technical things to photography, and I think this is a never ending process, but I am smitten by all of it, and yes, sometimes a little overwhelmed, but it's such a fun journey!

Irene also told me that she has sooooooooo many ideas and really wants to express her inner creativeness. I can so relate to this. I know exactly what she means because I've felt like this many times. I can't possibly sum it up into a few words how I feel when I am out there shooting and visually seeing my visions become alive on my LCD screen. It's one of the best feelings ever and the people I am shooting can totally see that huge smile on my face :)

Yesterday, I emailed Irene a list of camera gear she could start out with, and a few of my favorites. Since I love talking about all things photography, I want to share my list. My list of my favorite photography gear that I hope to one day, be the proud owner of...instead of having to rent them, which isn't a bad thing either :)

I currently own this baby:

I love my camera and could not have made a better purchase for my first SLR. Yes this is my first 'real' camera and will forever love it.

This lens I own and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It is so sharp when the focus locks. The background blur is amazing as well.

This one is next on my list of purchase. I've been wanting a wide angle lens and decided on a prime again.

I've seen the imagery this lens produces and it is amazing! I've seen the amazing stories this lens can capture. The next event I book, I am renting this lens, and hopefully own it one day :)

I'll end this post by adding one more thing that might seem out of the ordinary. Just as it is important to have the right items for a shoot, I think you should be able to shoot around comfortably and have everything you need in one place. Yes, I'm talking about a shootsac! Jessica Claire is an amazing photographer and the girl behind the concept of a stylish yet convenient camera bag. Definilty check the bags out. You can also purchase your favorite cover to show off your own photographer style!

One of my favorite covers and hopefully a proud owner of it soon ;)


moraima (mo-RYE-mah) said...

a canon girl!!! weehee!
i also love my 50mm 1.8 :-D

innerspace said...

Thanks Jackie for the help and once i get my "real" cam, you will be the first person i'd go for. And thanks for featuring me in your blog. :O)

cassandra m said...

you got the 50mm...I'm so jealous. I have the 85mm BUT want the 50mm soooo bad.. Yea for you. awesome.