Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MAC-ing out

I'm such a sucker for makeup, especialy M.A.C makeup! I can't get enough of their awesomely bold colors. It's like a form of art to me. When I was in highschool, I took art classes and my favorite kind of paint was acrylic. Why? Because of their bold colors and because it dries really quickly and does not flake out or looses it's color over time. It's a type of paint that is so easy to manage and mix. It just paints divinely on any canvas.

I see makeup the same way. I love creating new eyeshadows and mixing them up and using different brushes and techniques. I'm no pro at applying makeup but I love experimenting :) I'm a sucker for makeup. I'll buy tons of it but rarely use it on a daily basis. I know, it does not make sense at all, but I guess it's just one of my costly habits, among other things. I just like to have a nice collection in case I need it for a very special occassion. I have really sensitive skin so I stay away from most foundations that have scents or too oily, or just too many things put into it. Nothing spells icky like wearing heavy makeup on a hot sunny day dripping down your face. Lancome foundation works best for me because it feels so natural when I put it on and really light, which I love :) I do, however, love to MAC out for weddings, or indoor celebrations and events.

Their eyeshadows are AMAZING and my favorites! I actually have a few of the colors here :)

and look at this beautiful canvas! I'm sure it took many tries to perfect this vision :)

Makeup is a form of art. Sometimes we are afraid to get out of our comfort box and try new things. We won't know and will always feel held back and creatively empty unless we fail and keep trying until we find our own beautiful and unique style, hmmmmm, much like photography :)


Velia said...

I am the biggest MAC-a-holic ever. I've been using their eye shadows for years. My first time introduced to M.A.C was when I lived in Spain and ever since that I have been getting my eye shadow collection going. The funny thing is that I hardly wear any make up. I keep it simple but when I go out on a shoot a must have is my eye shadow. :) . Love the colors to and def an artist comes in every shapes possible.

Jess P said...

I am the SAME way!! I have over 100 colors of makeup and rarely use it. I try at least once a week to do my makeup. Agreed though, M.A.C has the best colors!

Jackie Beale said...

LOL that's too funny that we all think alike ;)

cassandra m said...

I'm a MAC girl too...yea yea yea!

Amanda said...

I am a huge MAC fan as well, love the eyeshadows. You should use them more often!!