Friday, March 13, 2009

Leyda and William

*All photos are property of Jackie Beale Photography

I want to do something a little different. I want to challenge myself to think about three things that touched me about this wedding and that have meaning to me, besides the fact that I had the fabulous opportunity to be their photograher ;)

-Her mom, sisters and other family members flew from Puerto Rico to be part of this special day with her and William. There were many other out of town guests as well and we all watched as her mom walked her down the aisle.

-Since they were not able to have a wedding coordinator, her friends worked so hard and diligently the night before to ensure every detail was put in it's place for the ceremony and reception

-Although I was the photographer, I was treated and felt like a guest and a friend. Leyda and William ensured Lamar and I had dinner and a piece of cake :)

I also have to thank our friend Denise, Leyda's maid of honor, for being such a wonderful host and having us stay at her home for the weekend. There were alot of guest that were out of town and she was so sweet to let everyone spend the night at her house. It was so much fun!

After taking a few detail shots, we headed to the mall for Leyda's makeup.

Moments after she slipped into her wedding gown. Doesn't she have such a beautiful smile!?...

...and her beautiful mother :)

I LOVE her bridesmaid dresses!

Leyda's mom made her beautiful veil. I think that was such a sweet and personal touch that she will cherish forever.

The handsome groom

and his gorgeous bride

He sneaks a kiss during the ceremony

During the prayer just before the ceremony comes to an end

The guys got their grooooooove on too! ;)

***Slideshow coming soon!***