Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random facts

If you have opened up my blog page, then you have been tagged! You must now tell me 20 random facts about yourself. Haha, I actually don't like those forward emails anymore where at the end of it, you have to forward it to a gazillion more people in order for your wishes to come true or else you'll have bad luck. Seriously!? Well I do want to get to know more about my blog readers, helllllooo anyone out there?? {{{{echo}}}}, and I also want them to get to know me a little bit more. These random facts tags were actually going around my facebook so I decided to also include my blog in it and let her know a few more things about me :) Here we go:

1. I gag everytime I brush my teeth. If I don't gag, my mouth doesn't feel fully clean.

2. I have to have lemon in almost all of what I eat. I can't help it. It goes in my rice, eggs, salad, chicken, fish, in EVERYTHING that's pretty much salty food. I'd use to suck on lemons when I was a little girl and peel all of the pulp until just the shell was left.

3. I was born and raised in queens nyc, but don't have a new yorker accent. I've been molded into a Floridian.

4. I always thought I'd married a hispanic or black guy. I don't know why, but that's what I always use to think. When I moved here, I started to like "white guys", not the surfer "dude" kind though, but I never thought I'd marry one because I always assummed they didn't like spanish girls ( I know, how young minds think right) Well, guess what, I married the unexpected and I absolutely adore him!

5. I have one older sister and 2 more siblings that are from a different mother. One I met a long time ago and now lives in CA and the other, I never met and lives where my dad is from, Nicaragua.

6. My mom died when I was 9 years old.

7. My mind is set about not wanting to bring any kids to this world. But if we have 1, then we have to have 2 since I would want my child to have a sibling.

8. Halloween use to be my favorite holiday when I use to celebrate it. Who doesn't like dressing up?

10. I love hearing other people's stories about how they came into the truth.

11. I absolutely love road trips but I'd also love to fly to Europe and my first stop would be France and then Italy, Greece, London, Ireland. It's been my dream to see Europe.

12. I love photography and I adore all the tingly feelings and the burning sensation of happiness I feel when I am snapping away. I love photograhing people and their personalities. It's a little hard to explain that feeling but I hope to be able to project that through my pictures :)

13. I absolutely love singing song #13 in our songbook at assemblies. It makes me cry all the time because it touches my heart.

14. I learned french for two years in highschool but now completely forgot it. I may understand a few words when I read them or hear them.

15. I hate misunderstandings and wish I would of handled a few situations a little different from the beginning. I find comfort when I pray to God for guidance and humility and strive not repeat my mistakes.

16. I love smiling and always try to smile to strangers who are walking pass me. Just a second of eye contact just to make them feel comfortable around you but not long enough to make them feel weird.

17. I am allergic to apples (thanks Eve)

18. I love homemade food. I secretly wish I could be a great chef. It makes me sad when I realize I have a long way to go to learn how to cook like the woman in my culture.

19. I'm not much of a hard coffee drinker, but I lean more towards tea's and lattes. I know, some people question if I'm even spanish. I don't like spicey foods either. Yea that's questioned too.

20. I hate washing dishes.


Velia said...

What is it with Starbucks and photographers? :) I now get how you knew I was from Nicaragua and since I open your blog I will try to complete one of these soon. Is def a nice way to get to know someone. Look forward to seeing your work.

Jackie Beale said...

lol really?? I've liked starbucks ever since I was old enough to get a job and pay for it :)