Saturday, October 4, 2008

Steve & Irene's wedding

Hey everyone! Ok, so I finally got a chance to post the wedding of my friends, Irene and Steve. This was a very intimate wedding. It was amazing to see how everyone helped them out. She met her husband Steve when he traveled to the philipines. That's where she used to live before he swept her from her feet. He wasn't going to let her get away ;) All of the friends contributed to EVERYTHING, from her hair and make-up to the decorations and and delicious food. Irene's family unfortunately were not able to travel to the U.S. but what they did was they had a laptop with a cam set up through the whole event, that way, her family was able to see everything!!! How cool was that!? Since there is a 12 hour difference, Irene's family had to get up extra early (at 6am) to watch the ceremony, since it started at 6pm. I feel so honored to have been part of their wedding. I was so excited when Steve asked me to photograph their wedding because to be honest with you, it was my first wedding to photograph :D I have more images on my computer but I'm always a little shy and I guess hesitant to post all of them ;) Here are just a few:

Beautiful Irene
I just love taking pictures of details.


innerspace said...

Hi, Jackie, I finally got into your website and I want to say "Thank You" for those beautifl pictures. You got good shots and you're on your way to be a very good and successful photographer. Keep up the good work!

Jackie Beale said...

Hi Irene! Thank you so much and I'm really happy you liked them! I had alot of fun timing doing them :)