Thursday, October 23, 2008

BIG world

The photography world can be a bit tough, scary, and demanding for both the photographer and the client. I've been there so I can really relate to every client that comes across different photography websites. I remember when I was planning our wedding, it took me almost 3 months to find a photographer that I felt comfortable with. Of course, quality is definilty something I was looking out for as well. I had particular pictures in mind that I wanted to have taken as well as different photo enhancements I wanted the photographer to do. But the main thing to me was that I wanted to get to know my photographer at a more personal level. This would make it so much easier for me to work it in front of the camera and therefore create stunning pictures.

Now turning it the other way around, I want to make sure I give fabulous service to any future clients that may come my way. And it doesn't come down to just snapping pictures. You want your client to be comfortable enough with you that they can pick up the phone anytime and call you for advice as far as what to wear to their engagement session, ideas to pick a location, an opinon on what wedding shoes they could wear, if they'd like a break from all the wedding planning and go grab some sushi, etc. I don't want my clients to see me just as someone who is taking the pictures, but also as a friend and I love making new friends! :)