Monday, July 27, 2009

ABC's of me!

This is long overdue! I've been meaning to blog a few things, I promise, but it's been a very busy week, but I know, no excuses, and I feel really bad for not blogging! I love writing about how my weekends and just random things here and there, but seriously, my mind has been somewhere else this past week.

I thought I'd share these cool little facts about my husband and I. I found the setup at another photographers blog and thought it would be pretty cool to do one of my own :) So here it goes:

A - Age: I'm 25.
B - Bed size: Full. We really need a queen size bed though.
C - Chore you hate: Ugh, washing dishes. Lamar does them. I will do everthing else, just not the dishes.
D - Dog's name: My baby Snoopy lives with my parents.
E - Essential start your day item: I should have a good breakfast, but most of the time, it's cereal or a nutri-grain bar
F - Favorite color(s): *sigh* so many favorites, but I mostly lean towards teal and earthy tones.
G - Gold or Silver: Silver or white gold. Both of our wedding rings are white gold :)
H - Height: I'm 5'4 and Lamar is 6'0.
I - Instruments you play: I use to play the piano and Lamar plays the guitar and drums
J - Job title: A coordinator :)
K - Kitchen wish list: ummm maybe some more asian square plates, I love those! Oh and mugs too
L - Living arrangements: cozy apartment in port orange.
M - Moment you'll never forget: when I chipped my tooth trying to twirl on my living room carpet. I slammed my mouth against a brick wall...I was little and dumb.
N - Nicknames: Lots of friends use to call me Ten-Oreos because of my maiden name: Tenorio. I'm also called Jax or Jacko or Jackie-o
O - Overnight hospital stay: Never needed to be admitted for anything.
P - Pet Peeve(s): when I'm watching a show and someone changes the chanel and ghetto words.
Q - Quote: Oh my gosh I love lots of them. Here's one: A type write never wrote a novel just as a camera never took a picture. And another one: Don't stumble over something behind you.
R - Right or left handed: LEFTY!.
S - Siblings: One older sister
T - Time you wake up: 8am
U - Underwear: Comfy ones!
V - Vegetable you dislike: BEETS!!! I hate them with a passion!
W - Workout style: Treadmil and playing tennis on Wii
X - X-rays you've had: On the teeth
Y - Yesterday's best moment: We had friends over and watched a slideshow from our friend's pictures from europe
Z - Zoo favorite(s): Tigers, peacocks, elephants


Velia said...

I will def have to try this if you dont mind. Sounds like fun. Jackie youre doing awesome. The little I have seen so far I am loving. I can definitly see you growing. Now if I just can get a bit more time to get on my groove. I need some Jackie Beals blogging secrets. :) Keep up the great work.

Jackie Beale said...

for sure! feel free to do one cause I wanna read it! left ya some blog love :o)

Beki said...

Totally stealing (ahem borrowing) this for a blog entry :)
And Tenorio is an awesome last name. Just saying.

cassandra m said...

interesting fun facts...thanks for sharing.