Thursday, May 14, 2009

The most magical moments on earth

Our first cruise together

Our first drive together, with no one else

Our first trip to the grocery store together

Our first guests spend the weekend at our new home

Our first morning together

Making breakfeast together

Falling asleep together

Cooking my first dinner for us ( I'm still learning!)

Making new friends together

Understanding each other

I don't want to overwhelm, but these are just a snipet of things that happened during our first year of marriage, that make up our relationship and who we are, and I anxiously await many more to come!

To celebrate life, and to add to the list of moments, we decided to go to a happy place, where all things are magical. We ate like no one was watching, talked like no one was listening, and got a glimpse of Africa and Hollywood, and at the end of the night, kissed and walked hand in hand along the beautiful gardens of the Coronado Resort. It has been an amazing week, an amazing year, and I'd love to share this joy, a slice of my life with my blog.

Here are a few of our adventures that we were able to capture from our trip to Hollywood studios and Animal Kingdom. This one was my favorite!! It is Lamar's dream to visit Africa and I love animals so this place was perfect! My point and shoot camera died towards the end of our trip so we did miss a few shots, but the images will always be fresh in our minds whenever we visit and talk about this wonderful place!

I love taking photos of the sky...

Our resort

I have many more photos to share from the attractions but for now, I will leave you with our first day here at the resort :)


Velia said...

The resort looks beautiful. I really like that hallways, what a perfect spot for a shoot.