Friday, May 29, 2009

The Johnsons & Friends: Part 1

* All photos property of Jackie Beale Photography

Initially, the plan was to go to the beach to take pictures, but we were afraid the rain might come back again and I also remembered that we had gone to the beach a couple of months ago with the mom and two girls. The boys wanted to be included in this round so I thought it would be best to snap a couple of pictures of the whole family around their neighborhood. Men don't usually like to pose and have their picture taken, but Jamal and Winston LOVED being in front of the camera. They are so easy and fun to photograph and they kept me laughing most of the time. Our last session with the girls was more easy going, but this time, they wanted to wear outfits with the same color scheme, not totally matching, which I thought was cute.

I've got lots and lots of photos which I made most of them into a little collage. I will post our second half of our awesome session soon, which you may find me in a few of them! :)

The whole gang: Junior, Debbie (their friend who came down to visit from NY), Winston, Janae, and Brandi

Their mom is Hot!

Her kids doing what they do best behind her back ;)

We also wanted to make this session about friends as well, so our friend Suzie came along for the fun!

Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

i love them, and i love you.

ayesha said...

Picture 2 from the bottom up LOVE the angle :). Fun family and friend :)

innerspace said...

Great shots and concepts! Love suzie's 1st photo. The Johnsons are becoming famous...LoL!

Caroline said...

These are great! My favorite is the one with her laying in the road.