Thursday, April 30, 2009

My first camping trip

As a child growing up in NYC, my sister and I didn't have many things, or as a matter of fact, we didn't do many things that normal kids did. During the summers, we didn't go camping, or didn't take any fun summer classes, never learned how to swim, or never went to any water parks. My mother was very sick with cancer so she was always in the hospital, and my dad spent his long days working under a car just to have enough to pay the bills. Some of my parents friends though were so kind enough to bring us food or make us dinner and we even got to spend a few days here and there at their house and played with their kids and their toys. That to me was more than enough and we were the happiest girls on earth when we were able to have that fun time with the other kids.

Because of our way of living, and that's something that we couldn't help, we missed out on alot of things. There was always that fear too from my parents, that something would happen to us if they weren't there. I remember one of the things I wanted to do was to go on a camping trip that a few of our friends invited us to...but we missed out on that too.

I'm happy to say though that I finally did one of the things that I've always wanted to do!! Our camping trip was only two days but I was wanting to prepare like it was for a week, making check lists and ensuring we didn't forget a single thing.

We weren't allowed to have a bonfire because there was a fire ban due to the lack of rain but we were able to grill hamburgers and hotdogs. There were about 20 of us and we each renting a lot that was next to each other. The lots were huge so we shared ours with another friend.

Here's my husband Lamar :)

Our friend Erik helping us set up our little tent. It was really dark by now, around 8pm so I cranked up my ISO and slowed my shutter speed. I also lightened up the picture juuuust a bit :)

This is one of our friends nice and comfy trailer...

Winston and Junior. I did a photoshoot with their mom and two sisters. We'll be doing a family shoot soon :)

Breakfast time on day two. The kids were always up early.

It was a little bright and a little hot on our 2nd day. Some fished and most of us went canoeing. It's a good thing I left my camera for that because it would have gotten soaked.

This is Dozer, such a sweet dog. He kept eating the bugs flying around him. We hicked for at least 4 hours and he kept us company.

and a self portrait of me in the bathroom mirror as proof :)

I wish I could have taken a lot more but at one point, my camera stopped working. I think because there was alot of dust in the lens and the error message kept saying that my cam couldn't read my lens and to clean it. Then I noticed that my sensor was really dirty so I cleaned that and took my lens off and put it back on. It worked fine after that, but I was really worried.

Other than that, I had such an awesome time camping! It was a new experience and I think I would do it again, but next time, we would definilty have to get a bigger tent.


Nate and Elaine said...

you are very beautiful. It looks like you guys had fun camping! E