Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good times anytime

Ok, this is a loooonnng post! It's mostly pictures though so that's a good thing :) I had a blast shooting a few friends this weekend, including my husband. This is us just hanging out and having a good time during our lunch break at our fantastic two day assembly!. Some of the images may look a little pixlated and thats because the quality changes when they are compressed and uploaded to blogger. I hate that. But you can just go ahead and click on each image to make them bigger. Check them out:

My wonderful husband doing what he does best in front of the camera

Beautiful Teresa and mother of 4

This one is so Aaron

It was a gorgeous day

mmmmmmmmmm satisfaction :)

A little wine is good for the soul :)


. : n . i . c . k : . said...

i can't be the first person to say this, but... you should talk to the society about getting your photos in the magazines. i think they're definitely good enough. the 4th and 5th photos look like something right out of the mags. maybe even lamar could get in one... if he ever stops cheesin' for the camera. :P

Jackie Beale said...

lol Teresa told me that too! She said that #9 would be a good one and it could be capitoned: "How can I overcome temptation?"

I really love #5. Winston is shy in front of the camera but I managed to get a nice one of him being natural :)

. : n . i . c . k : . said...

so what are you waiting for?! :P

Velia said...

Looks like you had a blast this weekend. Great DOF.

cassandra m said...

jackie...awesome pics. I love the way you crop your portraits to the side. very dramatic...love it! These are wonderful shots...a great variety of candid and posed. very nice. wishing you the best!

innerspace said...

Great job, Jackie! Keep it up!