Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Asian Flare

I think it's very difficult to give a one word answer when one is asked to pick their favorite color, food, style etc. There are so many wonderful varieties that it's impossible to just say one. Now a days, you can mix and match things to make your own style without being afraid to be called Tacky.

As some of you may or may not know, I love fashion. Alot. I may not always be able to afford designer apparel, but I certainly love reading through fashion magazines for inspiration. I open my mind and try to think outside of the box. It's not all about the clothes though. When I look through a magazine, I often find inspiration on how to incorporate fashion to my photography. I even find inspiration in home decor. I look for how the details are layed out and I try to project that when I photograph details at a party or weddings.

Here's an example of just a few details from my friends house. Her theme is Asian. I thought it was so cool how she used the majority of her decorations from her wedding, and incorporated it to her home decor. Waste not! :) She was not very much into having flowers for her centerpieces at her reception so she opted to have bamboo instead!

Here, her main colors for decor are green and browns, much like her wedding :) Love it!