Monday, November 17, 2008

Jessica & Ryan

Jessica and Ryan met through their best friends which whom they both were part of their wedding. Ryan attending as a guest, and Jessica was the maid of honor. At that time, Jessica was in a relationship and Ryan was, well, single.

Little did they know that they would be vowing their lives to each other in the future.

With Jessica now being single and with the help of their friends, they became more acquainted with each other and soon became good friends. Ryan, who originaly lived in Ocala, drove to Daytona to spend the weekend with his best friend Steve to "hang out". As the weekend came to an end, Ryan left town with a girlfriend, Jessica.

Although they were married a little over a year ago, I had the huge honor of photographing their continous love for each other in a more intimate setting. The day could not have been more beautiful.

Here are just a few of my favorite photos...

More of my favorites coming soon! :)


innerspace said...

Wow Jackie, very beautiful shots..keep up the good work!

Jackie Beale said...

thanks so much Irene! :)