Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cherish your friends

Is that time again for another Jackie's Weekly Think Tank. This one is on a very touchy and personal subject, but I always seem to express myself better in written words :)

Best friends are hard ot find and they're even harder to keep close when you rarely see each other. If you're lucky, you have people in your life who you can be absent from for months and then pick right back up, like it was yesterday, when you meet again.

Those are my kind of people :)

I'm the type of person that I would rather have a close circle of like 5 friends that you can go to and talk about anything and that will always be there for you, good times and bad times, than knowing a million people with whom you never cross that "good friends" line.

I have people in my life who I can no longer see as often as I would love to. Whenever I think about that, it makes me so sad, because if it was up to me, it would be different. But whenever I think about the saying above, it makes me feel so much better because I know that no matter what, they still love me and care about me, just as much as I do with them.

I love my friends and the people in my life who may have come and gone. I will always cherish them forever because they have all left their own unique imprints in me :)


innerspace said...

I agree with you 100% on this. And i can really relate specially I am thousands of miles away from my family and friends. Friends whom I have grown-up with. It's hard for I am in a foreign country and even if i can speak their language, i still miss those girl-talks with matching "screams" when you get too excited. But I appreciate very much the new-found friendship I have in our congregation and I know I am in good hands and I really feel the warm welcome they showed me. Isn't it amazing to be in Jehovah's Family?